Bigface: Vocals, Guitar  

Johnny Eveson: Bass, Vocals

Habs: Drums, Vocals

Tom Frost: Lead Guitar

'Best cover of Smalltown Boy I've ever heard' - Jimmy Somerville


'One of the best live bands around at the moment' - Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio 6 Music


'Representing British life with humour and superb musicianship' - Merc Clothing


'A brilliant band' - Rock Bands of LA


'When Can You Start? by Heavyball, an exceptional album in every definition of the expression' - Soultrain.de


'When Can You Start? inspired me to pull out another British album that perfectly reflected the tenor of its time: Blur's Parklife. The comparison is apt - it's that good' - Duff Guide to Ska


'Heavyball turns the mundane into an adventure with When Can You Start?' - Musicisthehomeforyourpain blog


'With guitar-heavy songs and the sometimes polyphonic vocals, the band is reminiscent of old masters like The Jam and The Clash' - Ox Fanzine


'An insane mix of cheeky chappy, astute observations on British life, catchy choruses, the band’s fantastic arrangements and Bigface’s unique vocals – all heavily influenced by Two Tone, ska and mod make them stand out from the crowd' - Scallywag Beats